Wheels of Raaga – About the Album

Wheels of Raaga is contemporary instrumentation album based on “Raga Samay Chakra – The Cyclical Time Theory of Ragas” as a tribute to daily routines. Wheels of Raaga celebrates womenhood in music by bringing together most energetic musicians around the globe to present you a contemporary classic that will bring energy in every part of the day and positives vibes to be around you throughout.

Wheels of Raaga album has selected below five Ragas from different parts of Raga Samay Chakra to provide you a best blissful experience.

  • Bhatiyar
  • Bilawal
  • Bhimpalas
  • Kalyan
  • Chandrakauns

A Divine Connect with Bhatiyar in Dawn

The dawn is time cosmos opens for us to connects with the divine. These early morning moments has to be cherished. Bhatiyar is one such early morning melody that can set yourself on a deeper journey within you to discover, retrospect and energies for bright start of your day.

Bright & Blissful Morning with Bilawal

There is a day ahead but the moment is evolving and ragas like Bilawal will provide the connect to nature to an extent that we are unable to imagine the experience to arrive & before and it re-establish connect with nature.

Own your Noon with Bhimpalas

Bhimpalas is one such raga and let your flow through it and yet have full grip on your thoughts to put into action to consolidate the moments of your day.

Reenergise your evening with Kalyan

After consolidating and acknowledging your day, it is very essential to put back the system in place for it to take it through the journey of play, laugh and provide time for your soul. Kalyan does this very well and reenergise yourself to put you back.

Float in the Dusk with Chandrakauns

The melancholy is evident and winding back is inevitable and thus the dusk has a feeling that is unique yet experienced by everyone. Being in love, being with loved one; Chandrakauns clams you down and let your loose and disappear.